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Understanding Bulk SMS: The Benefits and Costs for Business

With potentially more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes, it's a fact that consumers read almost every SMS message they receive. As such, more and more businesses are looking to utilise ...

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Why is an SMS 160 characters?

In the last few decades, the world has embraced an entirely new form of English. With less letters and more numbers than regular English, ‘SMS language’ or ‘Textese’ has taken the world by storm....

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How To Track SMS Campaigns In Google Analytics

Unfortunately the age old saying of "marketing and advertising works, I just don't know what half", is still one that rings true for many marketers and business owners. And while our ability to...

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B2P: How to build a successful communications strategy

The ability to communicate effectively in a manner that is both engaging and easily understood is one of the most important skills an individual can possess. Yet given this, how many companies are...

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From Melbourne to Tonga - Another Flexi-ble use of SMS

We have always said that there’s nowhere the SMS can’t go and nothing it can’t do- and this has just been proven true once again.

Island Flexi Transfer is a small money transfer business that helps...

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Bulk SMS – The Superhero Without a Cape

We once thought that the only life an SMS could save was a social life, and that looking to your phone in the middle of a bushfire would be about as useful as applying a layer of SPF, but we were...

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Bulk SMS: A Christmas Miracle

The Christmas season is a season of giving, of happiness and of festivities. But it is also a season of stress, disorganisation and spending lots and lots of money. So, my emotions were more mixed...

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Case Study : Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care Background:

Affordable, accessible and comprehensive medical support - that’s what’s at the core for Primary Health Care Limited - one of Australia’s premier healthcare...

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Why SMS Is The Fastest Way To Reach Your Customers

The modern smartphone is enmeshed into the modern lifestyle.

Unlike the phones of yesteryear, these little or in the case of phablets, not-so-little brainiacs are capable of doing most of the...

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5 Clever Ways Businesses Are Utilising SMS

The SMS platform can often be underestimated. The reasons for this typically has a lot to do with the idea that SMS is an old, simple, and basic technology. But we’ve been around SMS for years, and...