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SMS Solutions

5 Awesome Tools To Help Grow Your SMS Reach

Many look at SMS or Text messages as an old and outdated form of technology... but they couldn't be further from the truth. Last year alone over 8.3 trillion messages were sent globally, with over...

SMS Solutions

Brand Your SMS With A Sender ID

Let me ask you a quick question before you hit the send button on your perfectly crafted SMS campaign - Have you branded your SMS so that when the recipient gets your SMS, they see your company's...

SMS Solutions

7 Steps To Crafting The Perfect SMS

Now that you’re sold on the idea of SMS marketing, you cannot wait to send out your first SMS to your customer base. But you have a few problems... First, how do you convey all the information you...

SMS Solutions

'NYT Sam' - New York Times To Experiment With SMS @ RIO Olympics

We come across some pretty impressive uses of SMS daily. Concepts and ideas that challenge the norm, demonstrating the limitless power and potential this simple form of mobile communication can...

SMS Solutions

SMS And Mobile Apps: A Winning Strategy

In our post from last week, we highlighted Top 5 Mobile Apps Crushing It In The Middle East. As we wrapped up that post, we promised to show you how these apps are (and can) leverage SMS as part of...

SMS Solutions

Why Your Business Needs A Dedicated Number

In the competitive world of mobile messaging, it can be extremely difficult for businesses to stand out from the crowd and get noticed amongst all the competitive noise. That’s why it has become so...

SMS Solutions

5 Sure Fire Ways To Maximise Your SMS Campaigns Effectiveness

Discover how you can maximise your SMS campaigns effectiveness with these 5 simple tips.

SMS marketing is extremely effective... if it’s done right. You can use SMS marketing for a variety of great...

SMS Solutions

Text Your Tax: How Tada Changed The Tax Game

Tax time is a necessary evil. For regular people who aren’t experienced or literate in the world of finance, it’s a time of the year that’s looked on with dread, one that many wish could be avoided...

SMS Solutions

The Value Of SMS In The Finance Industry

Let’s face it, SMS as a communication tool has been around for quite some time… It’s practically as old as the mobile phone. It has been tried and tested, poked and prodded, and is now at a point...

SMS Solutions

Explore The Benefits Of SMS For Your Business

Have you fully discovered the benefits of SMS for your businesses?

The term marketing is one that can send even the calmest, most collected individual into a sweating frenzy. It’s a three-syllable...