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Thnx M8: SMS Pioneer Matti Makkonen's Legacy

"It's estimated that in 2015, 8.30 trillion text messages will be sent. That speaks volumes for its importance on a global scale."

On June 26 this year a Finnish engineer named Matti Makkonen,...

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Will Mario Rocket Into Your Pocket?

As I read the news this week about Nintendo’s decision to enter the smartphone market for gaming, I couldn’t hold back my excitement. The notion of being able to battle my friends wirelessly on...

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The Office's Ricky Gervais Promotes Netflix for Optus

How much do celebrities get paid to make adverts? Well The Office's Ricky Gervais says he needs a "shed load of cash, like seriously, mental money" and apparently, that's just what Optus paid him...

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Using SMS Marketing Compliments Other Digital Channels

In today’s multi-device using age, there’s no one “best” way to get your message out there. Unfortunately, we’re now dealing with email, social media, apps, SMS, and a whole bunch of other platforms...

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How Mobile Technology is Redesigning Small Business

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: mobile technology is the way forward.

Even now in 2015, far too many businesses aren't utilising the benefits of mobile technology. The conventional...

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SMS Powers Big Day Scout

Forget Big Day Out. This year it’s all about Big Day Scout.

SMSGlobal is wrapped to be partnering with Big Day Scout for their event rolling up onto the main stage this Sunday, the 15th of...

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SMSGlobal Supports Business Optimiser

SMSGlobal is delighted and excited to be partnering with Business Optimiser for their upcoming event – which is happening later today – How optimising your mind-set really can optimise your...

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Make Engaging Customers Through Mobile a Priority

If you thought that people weren’t really shopping on their phones, think again. Engaging customers through mobile needs to be a priority.

After this holiday period, it’s clear that online sales...

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Samsung and Blackberry: Is A Takeover Imminent?

Although Sam’s-berry probably won’t ever be a thing, talks about Samsung buying Blackberry have been flipping and flopping inside the rumour mill, according to Reuters.

A source at Reuters, who's...

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MXT Gets A Makeover

We’ve been working hard here at SMSGlobal to make our web messaging platform MXT even more intuitive to use. Over the past month we’ve been fine tuning, tweaking to assist you in getting the job...