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The SMS Turns 25 Years Old!

This week the world of messaging celebrated a special birthday as the humble SMS turned 25! On December 3, 1992, a 22-year old software engineer sent the first ever text message. Neil Papworth was...

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SMSGlobal GITEX 2017

GITEX 2017, one of the largest and most advanced technology exhibitions in the world commenced this week in Dubai, UAE. Our SMS experts from around the world are currently on the ground, once again...

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We’re live in New York!

We at SMSGlobal, are thrilled to announce that we have now established our US headquarters in New York City! We welcome to our global team, a host of talented SMS experts, who are now on the ground...

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Our Top 5 Online Easter Eggs

It’s coming to the time of year that the bunnies come out of their hutches, the long, fuzzy ears get mounted on our heads and the chocolate crazed child that is hidden deep inside us all year is...

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9 Gadgets To Help You Become Irish This St. Patrick’s Day

It was once said that there are only two types of people in the world; The Irish, and those that wish they were. We can’t exactly argue – the Irish are so good at celebrating their patron saint that...

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Startups vs. Corporates: Thriving in a world of Professional Darwinism

In a constantly evolving market, startups are quickly becoming the frontiers in innovation and successful marketing. On the other hand, corporate businesses are sometimes finding themselves stuck...

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Biggest Tech Moments of 2016

Throughout the course of history technology has seen highs and it has seen lows. We’ve had some outstanding successes and some inevitable failures, but win or lose, rain or shine we can’t seem to...

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The Supermoon was a Superhit!

Without a doubt some really awesome things have being occurring in our sky of late, but the internet has also recently been home to some ‘out of this world’ activities.

On Monday the 14th of...

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Our 5 Favourite Astonishing Moon Facts


As the days countdown to our #SuperMoonSnap contest, we thought we would set the mood by listing our top 5 favourite facts about the big old beautiful rock in the sky:


  1. About 49 Moons would...

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MXT and API Feature Updates

We create happy SMS experiences in the mobile world by constantly innovating MXT and our API. Here is a glimpse of how we do it.

Now, forward SMS to groups using the Keyword Manager

In one of our...