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Mobile Technology

Why Wearable Technology Still Has A Long Way To Go

According to eMarketer’s first wearables forecast, the use of wearable technology is set to grow, big time. Throughout the next few years, this sector of the technology market is expected to...

Mobile Technology

10 Must Try Smartphone Life Hacks To Check Out!

It's safe to say that smartphones have changed our lives for the better, I mean a phone just isn't a phone anymore. They're now personal assistants, musicians, artists, banks, cinemas, teachers....

Mobile Technology

Why Mobile Wallets Need To Evolve

There’s still a high chance that you, dear reader have not used a mobile wallet, and do not intend to start using one in the near future. There’s also a small chance, albeit a smaller one, that...

Mobile Technology

Diagnosing The World Of mHealth

If you’re anything like I am, a person who runs without a heart-rate monitor, someone who does not keep track of how many calories he’s burnt while he’s at the gym or how many calories he’s...

Mobile Technology

The Future of Smartphones In 2016

What will the future of smartphones in 2016 look like?

According to the UN, 86% of the world’s population - that’s 6 out of the roughly 7 billion people living on this earth - had a mobile by the...

Mobile Technology

Why Mobile Apps Are Sparking An Automotive Revolution

A recent Nielsen study found that on average, U.S. smartphone users accessed 26.7 apps per month in 2015. It shouldn’t come as any surprise then that the growth and popularity of mobile...

Mobile Technology

3 Mobile Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2016

Just How Important Are Mobile Trends In 2016? ‘Mobile devices are now like Swiss Army Knives,’ said Robbie Melton, vice chancellor of mobilization and emerging technology at the Tennessee Board...

Mobile Technology

Send Smells From Your Smartphone, With The oPhone

How real is the possibility to send smells from your smartphone in 2016? Scent and memory are tied together. Smell possesses the ability to immediately transport us back to a certain time and...

Mobile Technology

Mobile Payments : Is It Time To Ditch Your Physical Wallet?

Mobile payments have certainly evolved... It’s incredible to think that only 20 years ago most retail stores would have a stack of cheques sitting under their register, having to wait days to be...

Mobile Technology

Battle Of The Bulge : iPhone 6s Smart Battery

It’s not easy to be nostalgic about the age of the brick phone, but they did have one major advantage over their smartphone successors. Sure, your old Nokia couldn’t surf the web, stream video, or...