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Mobile Marketing

Combining Marketing Automation and SMS

Marketing automation is fast becoming standard in all businesses. The technology enables businesses to efficiently and effectively engage customers while at the same time saving them precious time...

Mobile Marketing

5 Reasons Your Business should consider implementing an SMS marketing strategy today

Has your business spent a considerable chunk of financial resources on traditional marketing, only to find the results somewhat….underwhelming. Have you ever wondered if perhaps you are missing...

Mobile Marketing

100+ Facts on Mobile Marketing

During the last couple of years, mobile marketing has developed quite a lot, yet it still remains one of the newest forms of marketing available at this moment in time. For those who do not know,...

Mobile Marketing

How-to Create a Mobile Landing Page that Converts

For years, Google alerted the world about the coming shift to mobile-first. This arrived in 2015 when mobile searches overtook desktop for the first time. And the Internet giant demonstrated its...

Mobile Marketing

5 High Performing SMS Marketing Strategies

Creating a successful SMS marketing campaign can be a difficult task when you consider mobile marketing is still relatively new in the ever-shifting digital landscape. And while SMS has been around...

Mobile Marketing

How Technology has Changed the Customer Journey

As technology advances, customers are becoming increasingly demanding, with higher expectations of products and service levels. As a result, the power in the marketplace has tilted towards the...

Mobile Marketing

7 Mobile Trends for Business in 2017

Mobile technology has experienced significant year-on-year growth this decade and 2017 will be no different. In fact, predictions are that this will be a watershed year for mobile, as new and...

Mobile Marketing

How Pokémon Go Has Evolved Digital Marketing

The resurgence and popularity of Pokémon over the last two weeks has been nothing short of astonishing. Who would have thought that this simple franchise from the 1990s would see such stardom as an...

Mobile Marketing

3 Simple Reasons Why Businesses Fail With SMS Marketing

We take a look at some of the simple reasons why businesses fail with SMS marketing.

More and more businesses are turning to SMS as a marketing tool and for good reason. SMS boasts an astonishing ...

Mobile Marketing

The Exciting Future Of Mobile Advertising

The future of mobile advertising is bright.

Marketers and advertisers now know that there are big dollars to be made through mobile advertising. It’s the future… in fact, in 2016, $101.37 billion...