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Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology Milestones of 2017

In today’s environment, emerging technologies have the potential to solve existing problems and open us up to a world of new opportunities. When you look at the past 12 months, a lot has happened in...

Mobile Marketing

How to Increase Your Mobile Marketing Budget

Securing a budget increase for marketing may, at times, feel like an impossible feat. When businesses are tightening their purse strings marketing budgets are often the first to be cut. And even...

Industry News & Insights

How Schools & Universities can benefit from SMS

Today, students are leading more complex lives. An increasing number of students are in full or part-time employment and of these, some also have family and parenting responsibilities. This results...

Mobile Marketing

100+ Facts on Mobile Marketing

During the last couple of years, mobile marketing has developed quite a lot, yet it still remains one of the newest forms of marketing available at this moment in time. For those who do not know,...

SMS Technology

The SMS Turns 25 Years Old!

This week the world of messaging celebrated a special birthday as the humble SMS turned 25! On December 3, 1992, a 22-year old software engineer sent the first ever text message. Neil Papworth was...

Case Studies

Case Study: IDTagIt

"Never gonna go out of fashion" - Tim Knowles, IDTagIt

Tim Knowles, CEO of lost and found company ‘IDTagIt sums SMS up perfectly. It truly is “Never gonna go out of fashion”, and it’s for this...

Mobile Marketing

4 Simple Tips To Improve Your Mobile Website

The number of people using mobile devices to access the web has increased drastically over the last few years. Today, mobile and tablet internet usage exceeds desktop use and accounts for over 51%...

SMS Marketing

7 Creative Ways Retailers Can Drive Sales Over Christmas Using SMS

Christmas is once again upon us and for many businesses, this short period of the year will generate the overwhelming bulk of their revenue. Already the retail sales for the coming month are...

Mobile Insights

Things you should consider when choosing an SMS Service Provider

 So, you’ve done some research and discovered the extraordinary power of business SMS solutions to connect you with your audience almost instantly and effectively. What next?

Choosing the right SMS...

SMS Solutions

5 Savvy Uses for SMS

Investing in SMS marketing can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Gone are the days when the channel was only used for announcements, confirmations and SMS alerts. Today,...