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Mobile Marketing

Best SMS marketing strategies for Valentine’s Day

Now that the Christmas holidays are well and truly behind us, it is time for retailers to look to the next big opportunity on the marketing calendar; Valentine’s Day.

According to research from the...

Mobile Marketing

How to keep your retail business on the forefront in 2018

The retail landscape is ever-shifting. Gone are the days when it took years for a seismic game-changing idea to be developed. Changes are coming thick and fast and from all angles, forcing retailers...

Mobile Marketing

Seamlessly integrating SMS with customer experience

Customer experience is one of the most pressing mandates for marketers today. Not only is it a critical component of your overall brand image but it’s also primed to be the next competitive...

SMS Solutions

How To Reduce Call Centre Operating Costs Overnight

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. This is particularly true during periods of expansion. One of the easiest and quickest ways of doing this is to...

Mobile Marketing

5 Ways to Measure the Success and ROI of your SMS Campaign

You’ve read the stats about how SMS technology is the most direct and effective way to connect with your customers, but how can you actually measure the success? 

SMS technology, particularly bulk...

Mobile Marketing

5 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness on a Budget

Lack of brand awareness is the bane of most marketer’s existences. You may have the greatest product in the world but unless consumers are aware of it, you may find it hard to generate significant...

Mobile Marketing

The impact of SMS on email open rates

When was the last time your phone buzzed with a text message, but you didn’t open it? There’s something about receiving a text message that instils in us a sense of urgency to read it straight away....

SMS Solutions

How to calculate your Net Promoter Score in minutes using Two-Way SMS

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. And while it’s obvious that you have to acquire new customers to achieve growth, keeping existing customers is just as important. Loyal, repeat...

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology Milestones of 2017

In today’s environment, emerging technologies have the potential to solve existing problems and open us up to a world of new opportunities. When you look at the past 12 months, a lot has happened in...

Mobile Marketing

How to Increase Your Mobile Marketing Budget

Securing a budget increase for marketing may, at times, feel like an impossible feat. When businesses are tightening their purse strings marketing budgets are often the first to be cut. And even...