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SMS Technology

How to send bulk SMS messages from your PC

Bulk SMS messaging has become an increasingly popular tool for business marketing in recent years. And for good reason. SMS boasts an unparalleled open rate of 98%, and with 90% of adults keeping...

SMS Technology

Hop to it this Easter with bulk SMS

One step inside a supermarket at this time of year and the sights and smells of Easter surround you. Between hunting eggs and hot cross buns, nothing says Easter quite like the colourful rows of...

SMS Solutions

The top five ways businesses are using SMS

In today’s digital era, consumers are more reliant on their phones than ever before, with the average user spending over 5 hours on their mobile device every day! With people spending so much time...

SMS Solutions

Transactional SMS explained

When was the last time you received a phone call regarding a business transaction while at work, or when enjoying time with family and friends? How did you feel about it? If you’re like the majority...

Mobile Marketing

Clever uses for MMS

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But how is this relevant to your business? Well, if you’re looking to leverage the power SMS technology, the most effective platform for communications...

Mobile Marketing

How hotels can drive business with SMS marketing


In the growing ‘experience economy’, consumers are opting to spend more and more money on experiences rather than material items. This is excellent news for the hospitality industry, with spending...

Mobile Technology

How restaurants can improve yield with mobile and SMS technology

Today, sales at restaurants and bars surpass those at grocery stores, as we’re dining out more than ever before. According to the National Restaurant Association's 2017 State of the Industry report,...

SMS Solutions

Why SMS is critical in the shift to online retail

Since the turn of the century, online channels have accounted for over three-quarters of retail sales growth. Nowadays, consumers are doing everything online; from researching, browsing, ordering...

Mobile Marketing

Why your retail business needs to get personal

The global retail environment is more competitive than ever with customers now having more and more ways to shop around without ever having to leave their home. In fact, according to a research...

Mobile Marketing

Best SMS marketing strategies for Valentine’s Day

Now that the Christmas holidays are well and truly behind us, it is time for retailers to look to the next big opportunity on the marketing calendar; Valentine’s Day.

According to research from the...