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30 Mobile Statistics of 2018 to Inspire Your Business Marketing

Marketing and mobile trends are changing every second.

An increase in the popularity of smartphones across the globe has led to a mobile-first world. In fact, chances are, you’re probably reading...

Mobile Marketing

What is bulk SMS marketing?

In an age where there are more mobile phones than people worldwide, it’s not surprising to learn that as a communications channel, mobile is one of the most ubiquitous. It would be amiss to say that...

Mobile Technology

How to improve your website's security with SMS 2FA

The most popular password in the world is ‘123456’, so it is no surprise that internet hacking is a prevalent issue. Even ‘more secure’ passwords are not as safe as you’d hope, with 90% of all...

SMS Solutions

Key MXT features for marketers


In a marketing landscape increasingly influenced by the growing importance of mobile, savvy marketers are continually looking for ways to best leverage mobile technology. But in a saturated...

Mobile Marketing

How to schedule and stagger SMS campaigns and why

Direct, personal and effective in connecting with customers where they are spending increasing amounts of time, on their mobile phone, it’s no surprise SMS remains one of the most popular and...

SMS Solutions

Two-way SMS: how it can benefit your business

There’s no doubt that the time we spend on our mobile devices is ever increasing. We use our mobiles to communicate with friends, family and colleagues, to find out information about the world...

Industry News & Insights

How your business can capitalize on the EOFY with SMS

The end of financial year is just a few weeks away! It can be a stressful time for businesses with paperwork building, deadlines approaching, stocktakes occurring and tax returns being lodged. But...

SMS Solutions

How SMS can help your business score goals this World Cup

3 million attendees and 3 billion watching worldwide - the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is just around the corner!

Every four years, the World Cup offers an incredible marketing opportunity for...

Industry News & Insights

4 mind-blowing things we discovered at CeBIT Australia 2018

Last week the SMSGlobal team landed in Sydney, Australia to exhibit at CeBIT, Asia Pacific’s largest business technology conference. Showcasing the latest in mobile messaging solutions at our...

Industry News & Insights

How SMS payment reminders can improve cashflow

In 2018, an effective cashflow system is imperative to business success. In fact, according to, a recent US bank study found that 82% of small business failures are due to cashflow...