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Communication Without Limits: msXsms® Enterprise

Bring the power of SMS messaging directly into your business with msXsms®.
msXsms® is designed to perfectly complement your existing Microsoft® Exchange installation by extending the platform to include the power and flexibility of SMS: all with seamless integration and a simple, single-install rollout.

Features of msXsms® include:
• Connectivity via SMTP directly to Exchange, delivering messages to SMSGlobal's SMSC via secure
SMPP connection
• On-premises and hosted versions of msXsms®
• Audit controls and security
• Duplicate message detection and filtering
• Email Protective Marking Compliance
• Multiple business unit support
• Automated disclaimers

Seamless email based integration offered by msXsms® means that you can send and receive SMS from any Microsoft® Exchange compatible application. This allows for automated SMS communication to be generated from existing applications, without the need for integration projects and modification to core applications.

This means that any program configured to work with Microsoft® Exchange can now leverage the benefits of integrated SMS through msXsms®. The result is communication without limits: easy, fast and direct.

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