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Things you should consider when choosing an SMS Service Provider

 So, you’ve done some research and discovered the extraordinary power of SMS to connect you with your audience almost instantly and effectively. What next?

Choosing the right SMS service provider...

SMS Solutions

5 Savvy Uses for SMS

Investing in SMS marketing can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Gone are the days when the channel was only used for announcements, confirmations and SMS alerts. Today,...

Mobile Marketing

Combining Marketing Automation and SMS

Marketing automation is fast becoming standard in all businesses. The technology enables businesses to efficiently and effectively engage customers while at the same time saving them precious time...

SMS Solutions

Understanding Bulk SMS: The Benefits and Costs for Business

With potentially more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes, it's a fact that consumers read almost every SMS message they receive. As such, more and more businesses are looking to utilise ...

Industry News & Insights

Why SMS is the perfect resource for recruiters

Text messaging is increasingly becoming one of the most reliable and efficient ways of attracting top talent. People of all age ranges are familiar with texting and SMS messages reach your...

Industry News & Insights


After 5 action-packed days, GITEX 2017 – where tomorrow’s technology is unveiled today- has come to a close. The tech exhibition is considered the most advanced and sophisticated of its kind did not...

SMSGlobal News

SMSGlobal GITEX 2017

GITEX 2017, one of the largest and most advanced technology exhibitions in the world commenced this week in Dubai, UAE. Our SMS experts from around the world are currently on the ground, once again...

Mobile Marketing

5 Reasons Your Business should consider implementing an SMS marketing strategy today

Has your business spent a considerable chunk of financial resources on traditional marketing, only to find the results somewhat….underwhelming. Have you ever wondered if perhaps you are missing...

SMSGlobal News

We’re live in New York!

We at SMSGlobal, are thrilled to announce that we have now established our US headquarters in New York City! We welcome to our global team, a host of talented SMS experts, who are now on the ground...

Industry News & Insights

How SMS is Revolutionising Retail Marketing and Communications.

Retail marketing is all about timing and reach.  Connecting with the right customer at the right time is of the utmost importance and many retailers are willing to invest in technology or manpower...