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Make SMS your Valentine this February

It’s just under two weeks until February 14 - a date in the calendar that can divide audiences as much as putting pineapple on pizza. Some love it, some hate it, and some claim it was a holiday...

SMS Solutions

SMS Keywords & Triggers [Explained]

An automated workplace is a productive one.

That’s why forward-thinking businesses are implementing automation at every stage of their workflow. SMS is one of the fastest growing channels to offer...

SMS Solutions

Email to SMS [Explained]

Sending bulk SMS online has never been easier or more accessible than right now. There are plenty of sending options, such as Email to SMS, which are available for businesses of all sizes.


Mobile Marketing

Top 3 mobile marketing trends for 2019

As we herald in the beginning of the New Year, savvy marketers are on the lookout for the ways web and mobile marketing will be shaped in 2019. Each year we see new technology emerge, meaning the...

Industry News & Insights

9 tech breakthroughs of 2018 not to be missed

2018 was another year of amazing technological advancements. Home automation continues to get smarter, the internet of things is growing every day and blockchain technology is giving us greater...

SMS Solutions

Business miracles with SMS: your guide to this holiday period

Carols are playing, shopping has begun and family gatherings are being organised. The 2018 Christmas and holiday period is upon us! The festive season is a busy time for consumers and businesses...

Case Studies

Doof Store shows why SMS is the perfect tool for e-commerce brands

While just about every industry could benefit from SMS marketing, none are more perfect than e-commerce – an industry characterized by high transaction volumes, relentless competition and endless...

Mobile Marketing

The impact and importance of dynamic messaging

Dynamic messaging is a marketing technique involving the use of keywords, information, preferences and business rules to create automated custom messages for recipients.

In today’s competitive...

Case Studies

SMS helps Axe the Tampon Tax

SMSGlobal is proud to partner with Australian charity, Share The Dignity, providing our messaging solutions at no cost to help the incredible organisation streamline their communications.

The work...

Mobile Marketing

5 must-use tips for successful SMS marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most powerful tools for marketers in 2018. And with statistics such as 98% open rates and 36% click-through rates, it’s easy to see why.

But results aren’t just going to...