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Bulk SMS – The Superhero Without a Cape

We once thought that the only life an SMS could save was a social life, and that looking to your phone in the middle of a bushfire would be about as useful as applying a layer of SPF, but we were...

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Bulk SMS: A Christmas Miracle

The Christmas season is a season of giving, of happiness and of festivities. But it is also a season of stress, disorganisation and spending lots and lots of money. So, my emotions were more mixed...

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Case Study : Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care Background:

Affordable, accessible and comprehensive medical support - that’s what’s at the core for Primary Health Care Limited - one of Australia’s premier healthcare...

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5 Awesome Tools To Help Grow Your SMS Reach

Many look at SMS or Text messages as an old and outdated form of technology... but they couldn't be further from the truth. Last year alone over 8.3 trillion messages were sent globally, with over...

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Brand Your SMS With A Sender ID

Let me ask you a quick question before you hit the send button on your perfectly crafted SMS campaign - Have you branded your SMS so that when the recipient gets your SMS, they see your company's...

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Offline-to-Online: How To Track Your SMS Campaign In Google Analytics

It’s an age old question, “What effect did my offline campaigns have on our website performance?”

Here at SMSGlobal, we believe that with an SMS campaign there should never be any confusion. Using a...

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7 Steps To Crafting The Perfect SMS

Now that you’re sold on the idea of SMS marketing, you cannot wait to send out your first SMS to your customer base. But you have a few problems... First, how do you convey all the information you...

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'NYT Sam' - New York Times To Experiment With SMS @ RIO Olympics

We come across some pretty impressive uses of SMS daily. Concepts and ideas that challenge the norm, demonstrating the limitless power and potential this simple form of mobile communication can...

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SMS And Mobile Apps: A Winning Strategy

In our post from last week, we highlighted Top 5 Mobile Apps Crushing It In The Middle East. As we wrapped up that post, we promised to show you how these apps are (and can) leverage SMS as part of...

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5 Clever Ways Businesses Are Utilising SMS

The SMS platform can often be underestimated. The reasons for this typically has a lot to do with the idea that SMS is an old, simple, and basic technology. But we’ve been around SMS for years, and...