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Biggest Tech Moments of 2016

Throughout the course of history technology has seen highs and it has seen lows. We’ve had some outstanding successes and some inevitable failures, but win or lose, rain or shine we can’t seem to...

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The Supermoon was a Superhit!

Without a doubt some really awesome things have being occurring in our sky of late, but the internet has also recently been home to some ‘out of this world’ activities.

On Monday the 14th of...

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Our 5 Favourite Astonishing Moon Facts


As the days countdown to our #SuperMoonSnap contest, we thought we would set the mood by listing our top 5 favourite facts about the big old beautiful rock in the sky:


  1. About 49 Moons would...

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MXT and API Feature Updates

We create happy SMS experiences in the mobile world by constantly innovating MXT and our API. Here is a glimpse of how we do it.

Now, forward SMS to groups using the Keyword Manager

In one of our...

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Increase Customer Retention By 300% With SMS

Discover how you can use SMS to increase customer retention for your business. We live in an era in which technology has made the barriers to market entry for new businesses lower than they’ve...

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What's The Best Platform To Target Young Adults On?

Trying to understand how young adults see the world, especially if you’re in business, is a task akin to quantum physics. We’re an erratic and fickle bunch, pulled in one direction one second, and...

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School SMS Services Vital In Hoax Attacks

This week we’ve seen a number of distressing news reports involving thousands of students being evacuated from schools across Australia following a spate of bomb threats. Since last Friday, dozens...

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Thnx M8: SMS Pioneer Matti Makkonen's Legacy

"It's estimated that in 2015, 8.30 trillion text messages will be sent. That speaks volumes for its importance on a global scale."

On June 26 this year a Finnish engineer named Matti Makkonen,...

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Will Mario Rocket Into Your Pocket?

As I read the news this week about Nintendo’s decision to enter the smartphone market for gaming, I couldn’t hold back my excitement. The notion of being able to battle my friends wirelessly on...

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The Office's Ricky Gervais Promotes Netflix for Optus

How much do celebrities get paid to make adverts? Well The Office's Ricky Gervais says he needs a "shed load of cash, like seriously, mental money" and apparently, that's just what Optus paid him...