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Mobile Technology

Stayin' Alive! - Make the most of your phone battery this Christmas.

The festive season is one of sharing- sharing laughs, great memories and good wishes, and in this day and age there is no better device to help you share than your mobile phone. We also understand...

Mobile Technology

Top 5 Mobile Business Apps of 2017

Technology of all sorts has improved in leaps and bounds over the past 365 days, and a lot of these developments have occurred right under our noses, literally in the palm of our hands. 


Mobile Technology

Daily Mobile Usage Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

From the second you wake up to the moment you close your eyes at night the mobile phone is as much a part of you as your right arm. While some awesome developments in mobile technology in the past...

Mobile Technology

Smartphone Evolution: 5 Of The Most Outrageous Phone Designs You'll Ever See

There’s no question that the aesthetic of a mobile phone will, to some extent, determine the success (or lack thereof) of the device. It’s why phones always come in at least a couple of different...

Mobile Technology

Smartphone Murder: What’s Next On The Mobiles Hit List?

As we begin to prepare ourselves to mourn the loss of yet another device to the smartphone wrath, wallets (as a result of the introduction of mobile payments) we began to realise just how powerful...

Mobile Technology

Top 5 Mobile Apps Crushing It In The Middle East

Did you know that the Middle East has one of the highest percentages of smartphone penetration in the world? According to eMarketer, 79% of Saudi Arabia's entire population used a smartphone last...

Mobile Technology

Pokemon Go & The Future Of Mobile Gaming

Anybody over the age of twenty, who plays video games - either on their PC or a console - knows that video games aren’t just for kids.

According to a study done by Digital Australia in 2016, it was...

Mobile Technology

6 Must Try FREE Apps For iOS & Android

Check out these must try free apps!

The app market is a place of huge supply and demand. Like any other booming industry, it’s turning around huge figures and by huge I mean billions. In 2015, the...

Mobile Technology

How To Keep Users Engaged With Your Mobile App

Struggling to keep users engaged with your mobile app? We might be able to help…According to Statica, It’s estimated that there was roughly 103bn apps downloaded in 2015, making over $41.1bn – with...

Mobile Technology

Why Wearable Technology Still Has A Long Way To Go

According to eMarketer’s first wearables forecast, the use of wearable technology is set to grow, big time. Throughout the next few years, this sector of the technology market is expected to...