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5 Inspiring Educational Childrens Apps To Try In 2016

While you may think the app market is plateauing in terms of growth and sales, you may be pleasantly surprised. Apps are one of the most exciting industries to be a part of, showing growth through...

Mobile Marketing

How Pokémon Go Leveled Up Location-Based Marketing

The resurgence and popularity of Pokémon over the last two weeks has been nothing short of astonishing. Who would have thought that this simple franchise from the 1990s would see such stardom as an...

SMS Solutions

Why Your Business Needs A Dedicated Number

In the competitive world of mobile messaging, it can be extremely difficult for businesses to stand out from the crowd and get noticed amongst all the competitive noise. That’s why it has become so...

Mobile Technology

Pokemon Go & The Future Of Mobile Gaming

Anybody over the age of twenty, who plays video games - either on their PC or a console - knows that video games aren’t just for kids.

According to a study done by Digital Australia in 2016, it was...

SMS Solutions

5 Sure Fire Ways To Maximise Your SMS Campaigns Effectiveness

Discover how you can maximise your SMS campaigns effectiveness with these 5 simple tips.

SMS marketing is extremely effective... if it’s done right. You can use SMS marketing for a variety of great...

Industry News & Insights

Smartphone Penetration By Country - Top 10 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wondering just which countries have the greatest smartphone penetration levels?

The following infographic is a collection of data taken from a survey of roughly 45,000 individuals, conducted by ...

Mobile Technology

6 Must Try FREE Apps For iOS & Android

Check out these must try free apps!

The app market is a place of huge supply and demand. Like any other booming industry, it’s turning around huge figures and by huge I mean billions. In 2015, the...

Mobile Marketing

3 Simple Reasons Why Businesses Fail With SMS Marketing

We take a look at some of the simple reasons why businesses fail with SMS marketing.

More and more businesses are turning to SMS as a marketing tool and for good reason. SMS boasts an astonishing ...

Mobile Technology

3 Simple Tips To Keep Users Engaged With Your Mobile App

Struggling to keep users engaged with your mobile app? We might be able to help…According to Statica, It’s estimated that there was roughly 103bn apps downloaded in 2015, making over $41.1bn – with...

Mobile Marketing

The Exciting Future Of Mobile Advertising

The future of mobile advertising is bright.

Marketers and advertisers now know that there are big dollars to be made through mobile advertising. It’s the future… in fact, in 2016, $101.37 billion...